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Past Firefighter
of the Year
2015 Bernardo Sobrino
2014 Mark Kapuscinski
2013 Robert Lighthall
2012 Scott Pritchard
2011 Eric Koproski
2010 Anthony Sterio
2009 Dan Pritchard
2008 Brian Katzman
2007 Mike Hagenmayer
2006 Jesse Weigand
2005 Tim Pritchard
2004 Joe Susino
2003 Greg Herrmann
2002 Eric Mills
2001 Robert P McCaffrey
2000 Margaret Beers
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1997 Greg Herrmann
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1991 Scott Pritchard
1990 Brad Beers
1989 John Damiano
1988 Norm J. Mills
1987 Randy Hall
1986 Rick Batchelor
1985 Dan Pritchard
1984 Scott Thompson

Oswego Elks Firefighter
of the year

2013 Brian Katzman
2009 Scott Pritchard
2005 Greg Herrmann
2001 Bob McCaffrey

2015 Firefighter of the Year
Lieutenant Bernardo Sobrino

Notes from Chief Greg Herrmann,

Now comes the time in our program, that I, as Chief, have the opportunity to recognize one active member who has shown exemplary dedication and perseverance, and gone above and beyond during the last year.  The decision to recognize just one person is never an easy one, as so many people fit the bill.  However, this year, there was one person who just seemed to always come through in times of need, and step up to the plate when asked.

This year’s recipient joined our department in February, 2013. In 2015 he spent countless hours in training and responding to calls. He has attended Fire Officer 1 class (54 hours), Firefighter 2 class (27 hours), Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations class (24 hours), Vital Signs EMS conference (20 hours), NY State Chief’s Company Officer Leadership training (12 hours) and was a participant in the Central NY 9/11 Stair Climb. He is a NYS EMT, Interior SCBA qualified firefighter, and is starting his 2nd year as a Lieutenant in our department.

This person is our computer and networking guru for any and all issues at the fire station. He takes training very seriously, already signing up for classes in 2016. He finished 2nd this year in overall call responses.

Without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to announce to you the 2015 Firefighter of the Year – Bernardo Sobrino.


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