Department Documents

Apparatus Response Order
Best Practices
Code of Ethics - Department
Committee Conduct Policy
Constitution and Bylaws
Employee Assistance Program - Department
Ebola Best Practices
Ebola exposure log
Ebola PPE competence log
Explorer Post Best Practices
EMS Best Practices
EMS Monthly Checklist
Flower Committee Policy
Fund Drive Letter
Helicopter Landing Zone Policy
Intra Nasal Narcan Best Practice
Mailbox Sign Order Form
Membership Application
New Member Committee guidelines
New Member Orientation
OTVFD History
RIT Team Best Practices
School Bus Policy
Uniform standards


Beneficiary Forms
Building Use Form
Criminal History Record Check Form
Driver Training - 3461
Driver Training - 3462
Driver Training - 3471
Driver Training - 3411
Driver Training - 3412
EMT Evaluation Form
Fire Disrict Voucher
Fund Verification Form
Incident Reporting Form
I am Responding Form
Maintenenance Night Checklists
Membership Application
New Member Timeline
New Member Timeline - Appointed
Patient Release Form
PCR CHeat Sheet
Training Form

District Policies

Active Member Policy
Credit Card Policy
Code of Ethics - District
Discipline Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Duty Restriction Policy
EMT Class Policy
Electronic Devices and Photography Policy
Emergency Vehicle Policy
Employee Assistance Program - District
Escape Rope Policy
Harassment Policy
Investment Policy
Medical Evaluation (Physical) Policy
Medical Evaluation Policy - Last pages
Medical Leave Policy
Organizational Statement
OTVFD Points System
PESH - Chemical Hygiene Program
PESH - Exposure Control Plan
PESH - Hazardous Communications Program
PESH - Hazardous Material Response Policy
PESH - Lockout Tagout Policy
PESH - Respiratory Protection Program
PPE (Turnout Gear) Yearly Checklist
PPE (Turnout Gear) Policy
Procurement Policy
Social Media Policy
Service Awards Summary
Travel Policy
Weight Room usage policy and form

Engine 91 Info

Member Form
Daily Log

NIMS for all members NIMS for officers
ICS-100 -
ICS-700 -
ICS-200 -
ICS-800 -
Workers Comp/Injury Forms Open Burning information
Oswego County VFBL Paperwork
Click here for a custom brochure created by the Oswego Town FD with FAQ's about the new laws.
Click here
for information on the open burning ban.

Oswego Town Volunteers - Neighbors helping Neighbors
Proudly serving the resident of the Town of Oswego and neighboring communities for over 25 years.